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Sharing open data about academic & research organizations

Please note that, as of March 2018, OrgRef is no longer being actively maintained. Read more

OrgRef is an open dataset which is free for anyone to use. It extracts structured information about organizations from open resources like Wikipedia. It was created with publishers in mind, and aims to cover the most important academic and research organizations worldwide. More about OrgRef

Where is the data sourced from? How many records are there? What if I find a mistake? For these kinds of questions and more, visit the Help page.

The OrgRef dataset is free for anyone to download and use, under the same terms as Wikipedia. For full terms, and to download the latest dataset, visit the Download page.

OrgRef is managed and maintained for the benefit of the publishing community by DataSalon. The dataset itself is free and open. DataSalon also offer a range of related commercial services for matching, connecting and analyzing OrgRef in combination with a publisher's own customer data. More about DataSalon